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We are a small family business with two stunning shops in Chelsea & Barnes that are now open and trading again.

Like many businesses, Covid-19 has forced us to change and adapt the way we operate. This new website shows stock that we have
manufactured and is either in our warehouse or on the way to us. We can offer fantastic savings when you purchase the stock
before it passes through our shops and gets delivered directly from the factory to you.

To further help us operate in these tough times, our shops no longer field their own calls. All calls now go through to
our central call centre who will pass on your enquiry to the shop or individual who can best help you.

Heavily reduced prices will of course mean a slight dip in the level of service, but there is absolutely no change in the quality of the product that we produce. Due to Covid-19 you will pay less than ever before for our products until the world returns to normal – but only while stocks last.


When it's gone it's really gone!