White No.10 Luxury Scented Candle


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A luxury scented candle in a white glass votive, 30cl. Each candle is boxed, wrapped, and hand tied with a grey & white ribbon – a beautiful gift for a loved one.

White No. 10 – A delicate white floral combination with clouds of soft musks, lemon & patchouli oil and a hint of vanilla.

Burn time: approx. 46 hours


Our luxury candle collection is hand poured using the very finest ingredients available, each perfume has been carefully selected for it’s fine quality. The candles are hand made using green and clean paraffin wax, pure cotton wicks, and wax capped to ensure the perfume always remains fresh. Our luxury candles, unlike many cheaper candle products, will burn cleanly providing the wicks are trimmed and are placed in draught free conditions.